Spanish Dharma Class, Introduction to Buddhism

Clase de Dharma en espanol, Introduccion al Budismo Tuesday at 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm “Budismo Humanístico” en nuestro idioma Español. Deseas saber técnicas prácticas, que de verdad trabajen para poder manejar el estrés, nuestras insatisfacciones, o inconvenientes que se nos presentan en nuestra vida Cotidiana? Visítanos y aprenderás como usar las herramientas claves que […]

English Dharma Discussion Facilitated by Malinda Yeh

Sunday Mornings 11:00 am -12:00 pm “Straight From the Buddha’s Mouth” – every Sunday at 11am – 12pmIn this fun, interactive class we will choose sutras from the Pali Cannon to discuss and make meaningful connections to our modern daily lives. Sutras will come from the book, In the Buddha’s Words translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi. […]

Yoga Saturday Morning

Yoga – Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Yoga 11:30am – 12:30pmMs. Maria Eugenia Lagasca, Certified Yoga Instructor, Naturopathy This Ashtanga Flow yoga class is for all levels. Maria will instruct you with a verity of options for beginners to higher level students. This is a perfect yoga practice for the end of the day. Classes are $10.00 Phone number: 407-757-3259Email:mariaeugenianamaste@hotmail.com […]

Thursday Night Yoga

Yoga – Thursday Night

Thursday Night Yoga This yoga class is a gentle practice, great for beginners or stress reliever for the end of a hectic day. Maria will instruct you in stretching and relaxing. The end of the practice she will guide you through a soft meditation, perfect for a good night rest. Phone number: 407-757-3259Email:mariaeugenianamaste@hotmail.com Don’t forget […]