Dharma Day Celebration

Join us in celebrating the Buddha’s enlightenment day, AKA Dharma Day!

The reading club is a one day study following the World Cafe Method hosted by Venerable ChueFan. The book that will be discussed, Where is the Way, by Ven. Master Hsing Yun.
Books are free, donation are accepted.

10:30am Dharma Service
12:30 pm Serving Laba Congee
2:00 pm World Cafe Reading Club

Laba congee is a Chinese ceremonial congee dish. Its name originally refers to the porridge made of eight kinds of ingredients. Nowadays, the ingredients are from more than eight types. In the past, people ate the porridge to keep warm and celebrate the Laba Festival. Today it has been a home-style snack in everyday life. People in different areas cook the porridge with different nutritious ingredients, which usually are of four types – rice, beans, dried fruits and Chinese herbs.

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