Chinese School For Children

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課程Courses Offered
兒童基礎班Introductory Children's Class (1:30pm~3:30pm) - $120兒童初級班Beginner Children's Class (1:30pm~3:30pm) - $120兒童中級班Intermediate Children's Class (1:30pm~3:30pm) - $120兒童舞獅班Lion Dance Class (1:30pm~3:30pm) - $75週日兒童班Sunday Kid's Club (10:30am~12:30pm) - $30 or $3 per class

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Step 2: Pay Online (Must Select One Method)

You may choose one payment method: 1) online payment or  2) send a check or 3) pay at the front desk if you are currently at Temple. Please click the button below to pay the class fee online. Otherwise, you may pay at Temple.

1)If you prefer to pay online, please click the button below.

2)If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable of IBPS and send it to 6555 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822.

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