Evergreen Seniors Club

Step 1: Registration Form

Step 2: Online Payment
To pay: input the registration fee $10 into the “Other (USD)” box.
Note: Registration will not be complete until payment is made. Class fee will be processed as a donation. Thank you for your cooperation.

2 thoughts on “Evergreen Seniors Club

  1. Will you please explain why Seniors have to pay a costly fee instead of donations? Many are on fixed incomes , live far ( gas & tolls) which costs much considering the traffic that end up consuming much gas. It’s hard enough just to try to attend services & donations.Are these professional people being hired and not volunteer membets that are teaching? Thank you,Confused

    1. Hi Krista, thank you for taking your time to look through our website and leaving a comment!

      The registration fee of $10 is a one-time fee, and it covers the whole session from January to March (13 weeks). That averages out to less than 1 dollar per session, and we also provide lunch and materials for the classes. Its purpose is to also ensure students attend regularly. We understand that some senior citizens are struggling financially, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for them to attend our classes.

      We do not solicit donations under any circumstances, that includes the Sunday service, and we feed vegetarian meals to about 200 people per week.

      As for the teachers, they are volunteers who also take the time out of their day to teach the classes, they deserve students who are committed and can attend regularly. Hope this helps!

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