Volunteer Opportunity

Origin of the Fo Guang Shan Volunteer Group

Fo Guang Shan has established its objective to propagate Buddhism through Buddhist practices, cultural, educational, and charitable work. In the process of implementing Humanistic Buddhism, volunteers play an important role in promoting and protecting the Dharma. Please join us if you are interested.

The establishment of FGS Volunteer Group is to strengthen and consolidate the qualities of the volunteers at Fo Guang Shan Headquarters and its branches, in order to demonstrate the essential qualities of the Fo Guang People. In addition, this has helped the volunteers to strengthen their understanding and faith in Fo Guang Shan. Furthermore, this has also allowed the volunteers to develop a professional learning environment, to exchange their experiences, and to develop their team spirit. Thus, we can enhance the overall features and qualities of Fo Guang Shan.


  • To strengthen volunteer training, and enhance skill sets
  • To promote self-education, and always become an unsolicited friend
  • To exploit the spirit of Buddhist practices, and exhibit enthusiasm in volunteer services
  • To develop team spirit, and together create a Pure Land on earth

Prospective Volunteer

Youth Volunteer: Ages 16 – 30 with faith, compassion, patience, and enthusiasm to serve the community.
Adult Volunteer: Ages 30 – 60 with right attitude, physically and mentally healthy, acknowledgement in Buddhism, and the will to become a volunteer.

Volunteer Benefits

A certificate will be issued upon completion of the volunteer training program.
Proof of service hours upon each volunteer service
Volunteer passport will be issued upon completion of a minimum of 100 hours of service, and 1 volunteer training program.

Volunteer Application Form義工申請表

Info 個人信息

Name 姓名 *

Email 郵箱

Phone 電話

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Address 2 地址2

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Volunteering 義工意向

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Volunteering Needs 服務方向

Social and Educational 社交與教育類
Art Works 美術Library 書籍Tour Guide 導遊Community Care 社區服務Group Activities 團體活動Floricuture 花卉園藝

Publishing and Advertising 出版與推廣類
Editing 編輯Translation 翻譯Photography 攝影Writing Articles 文案Graphic Design 平面設計Web Design 網站設計Computer Maintenance 電腦維護

General Services 總務類
Handyman 雜務Gardening 園丁Construction 建築Carpenter 木工

Other Special Skills 其他特殊技能

Volunteering Availability 義工時間

Sunday 禮拜日Monday 禮拜一Tuesday 禮拜二Wednesday 禮拜三Thursday 禮拜四Friday 禮拜五Saturday 禮拜六