2017 BLIA World Headquarters America East Training for Humanistic Buddhism Speakers

2017 BLIA World Headquarters America East Training for Humanistic Buddhism Speakers

1. Organizer: BLIA World Headquarters

2. Institutions-in- charge: BLIA Florida, BLIA Miami

3. Eligibility: The region’s chapter and subchapter executives, including Lay Dharma Lecturers, elder advisors, presidents, directors, executives, treasurers, secretaries etc. and all BLIA members interested in propagating Humanistic Buddhism.

4. Qualifications: BLIA members and executives of all levels with right view and right understanding who uphold one teacher and one faith and do not frequent temples and practices of different teachings can register for training.

5. Registration: Please complete the Registration Form and Airport Shuttle Form to be submitted to the local BLIA chapter for compilation and email to BLIA Florida.

6. Spaces available: 100

7. Contents of Presentation: Select one article from the works of Venerable Master Hsing Yun such as “Between Ignorance and Enlightenment” for a 15-minute presentation for assessment.

8. Registration deadline: February 20, 2017

9. Accommodation and transportation service: donations welcome

Hotel: During training in March 10-12, all rooms are double-occupancy

Holiday Inn Orlando Airport

5750 T.G. Lee Boulevard, Orlando FL 32822

Phone: (407) 851-6400 Fax: (407) 438-7297

10. Tour registration deadline: February 28, 2017

11. Please note:

1) All participants are to wear their BLIA uniforms with membership card and to bring own water bottle.

2) For all other unspecified matters, please contact BLIA Florida.

12. BLIA Florida President Judy Nguyen

Cell: (407) 221-5602 Email: florida@blia.org

Guang Ming Temple, Florida

6555 Hoffner Road, Orlando, FL 32822 U.S.A.

Tel: (407) 281-8482 Fax: (407) 281-8490

How to complete the full registration

Step 1.

Please complete the Speaker Training Online Registration.

Step 2.

Please complete the Airport Shuttle and Accommodation Registration.

Step 3.

Please complete the Tour Registration.