Tour Reservation

Notice: Individuals or groups less than five can join the temple tour every Sunday at 11 AM. Groups of at least five or more and may reserve a temple tour using the form below. Must be a group of at least 5 people to reserve a temple tour. Reservation must be made 7 days before visiting. Thank you very much!

參觀人數Number of visitors (required, must be at lease 5 people)

團體名字Group's name

團體領隊姓名Leader's Name(required)

參觀時間Date and time(required)


電話Phone (required)


團體介紹Group Description

講解員語言要求Preferred Language

服務Service (Suggested Donation: Meal: $10/Person|Tea and Zen: $5/Person)
餐點Meal茶禪Tea and Zen

特殊要求Special Note