Tour Reservation

Notice: Individuals or groups less than five can join the temple tour every Sunday at 11 AM. Groups of at least five or more and may reserve a temple tour using the form below. Must be a group of at least 5 people to reserve a temple tour. Reservation must be made 7 days before visiting. Thank you very much!

參觀人數Number of visitors (required, must be at lease 5 people)

團體名字Group's name

團體領隊姓名Leader's Name(required)

參觀時間Date and time(required)


電話Phone (required)


團體介紹Group Description

講解員語言要求Preferred Language

服務Service (Suggested Donation: Meal: $10/Person|Tea and Zen: $5/Person)
餐點Meal茶禪Tea and Zen

特殊要求Special Requests

Note: If making a donation, please have one person in charge of collection. To preserve the integrity of the experience, please turn it into the tour leader either prior to, or, at the end of the tour. Thank you very much.